J.C. Peña , L.A. Camacho  and J.D. Muñoz

Universidad Nacional de Colombia



Termal stratification in water reservoirs is a main ecosystem factor and one of the main tests for a numerical simulation of the reservoir and, most computational models use finite differences to solve it. Hereby we use two three-dimensional lattice-Boltzmann models – one for the Navier-Stokes and one for the advection-diffusion equations, coupled via the Boussinesq approximation – to simulate the reservoir Riogrande II, close to Medellin (Colombia). Since the vertical resolution is two orders of magnitude larger than the horizontal one, a Taylor series expansion and least squares based lattice-Boltzmann method (TLLBM, Shu et al. 2003) has been implemented.  We compared the numerical results with experimental data and simulations ran on the ELCOM platform, with an acceptable agreement between them. The results suggest that lattice Boltzmann models may be a valuable alternative to finete differences for the modeling of water reservoirs.


1 Simulation of Physical Systems Group, CeiBA-Complejidad,Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Crr 30 # 45-03, Ed. 404, Of. 348, Bogota DC, Colombia.

2 Department of Hydraulic and Civil Engineering, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Crr 30 # 45-03, Ed. 402, Bogota DC, Colombia.


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