The DSFD series of conferences originated with the historic 1986 Los Alamos conference organized by Gary D. Doolen. Since that time, the DSFD conferences have emerged as the premiere forum for researchers in the field, and many exciting new discoveries in lattice models of fluid dynamics have been first announced at DSFD conferences.

Topics emphasized at these meetings include lattice gas automata (LGA), the lattice Boltzmann equation (LBE), discrete velocity methods (DVM), dissipative particle dynamics (DPD), smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH), direct simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC), stochastic rotation dynamics (SRD), molecular dynamics (MD), and hybrid methods. There will be sessions on advances in both theory and computation, on engineering applications of discrete fluid algorithms, and on fundamental issues in statistical mechanics, kinetic theory and hydrodynamics and their applications in Micro, Nano and Multiscale Physics for emerging technologies. Other topics of interest also include theoretical and experimental work on interfacial phenomena, droplets, free-surface flow, and micro and nanofluidics.