T. Inamuro, T. Yokoyama, K. Tanaka

Kyoto University, Japan



We propose a new LBM for two-phase fluid flows with high density ratios by improving the pressure computing of Inamuro et al.’s method (2004) without solving the pressure Poisson equation. In the proposed method, the velocity and pressure field is computed by using a single velocity distribution function even for high density ratios and by adjusting the speed of sound in a high density region to satisfy the continuity equation. In order to show the validity of the method, we apply the method to the simulations of a stationary drop, binary droplet collision, and rising bubbles. In a stationary drop, pressure and density profiles are computed, and the effect of a sound speed on time evolution of the pressure field in the drop.  In the simulations of a binary droplet collision and rising bubbles, the computed results by the proposed method are compared with those by Inamuro et al.’s method (2004).